American singer Demi Lovato in Prada designer glasses

X-Factor’s Cher Lloyd sings duet on Demi’s new album

We do spend a lot of time admiring celebrities in sunglasses on this blog. But once in a while along comes someone who looks just as gorgeous in a pair of standard glasses.

This is American singer Demi Lovato, who’s just released her fourth studio album in which she sings duet with British star and X-Factor finalist Cher Lloyd.

According to Cher, “that girl can really sing, and it’s so different. That’s the thing, nowadays it’s so important to be able to be recognised and to be on the radio and for people to know automatically it’s you. And Demi has that and that’s something I really look up to.”

Demi looks terrific in stripey top and mini skirt, Prada designer glassesĀ and layered jewellery. Proof that you don’t have to always hide your eyes to look really special.

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