2010 Rayban Collection

RayBan launched today its 2010 ophthalmic collection with the following models being hot off the press RX5210, RX5211,RX5213, RX5216, RX6192, RX6193, RX6195, RX6196, RX7509, RX7510, RX7511, RX7512 and RX7513.

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View the entire Rayban collection now.

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Chanel Sunglasses-Lady Gaga’s Shady Music Video

Lady Gaga’s latest music video for her hit single ‘Telephone’ has finally made its debut and in true Gaga style is so outrageous there have been rumours that it has been band by MTV. As always the outrageous accessories are out in force as Gaga dons a hat that doubles up as a phone among many other weird and wonderful things.

However, if you were looking for some inspiration for this summers hottest shades you might find a few that take your fancy. Lady Gaga wears sunglasses throughout the video, including some made of black fringing and a pair made entirely out of lit cigarettes.

However, regardless of her eccentric fashion sense some true style still managed to shine through as amongst all of the chaos Lady Gaga sports a sophisticated pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses to compliment her studded black leather jacket and rollers made from Diet Coke cans. Beyonce features in the video and also sports a number of high fashion sunglasses and accessories.

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Reality Stars Step out in Chanel Sunglasses

Today’s reality stars have it all, beauty, fame, riches and above all style. The latest reality stars include the cast of the hit TV series The Hills and the Kardashian family among many others.

Lo Bosworth, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have all been spotted in Chanel Sunglasses. The Hills stars have quite a soft spot for Chanel and have many handbags and accessories between them.

For many being a reality star is a fast track to achieving your life long dreams and both Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad have gone on to create their own successful fashion lines.

The Kardashian family are no strangers to the world of fashion owning a boutique named Dash. The store is run by the three sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Kim Kardashian is regularly spotted wearing the Chanel brand and owns multiple pairs of sunglasses.

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