Celebrities Who Love Dior

Christian Dior is a favourite amongst some of the biggest A-list celebrities and red carpet names, and you can emulate start style with the latest pair of Dior prescription sunglasses.

The famous French designer, Christian Dior has been famed for his luxuriously opulent designs, a refined style, fit only for the most affluent and fashionable. Stunning Dior dresses, shoes and accessories have made regular appearances on the red carpet, and each piece has been as unique and exclusive as the last, worn flawlessly by Hollywood stars who look as though they have been poured into their outfits.

Today, you can emulate the look and carry off the most sought after designer brand, with designer Dior sunglasses. If you are short sighted or long sighted, you can even find Christian Dior prescription Continue Reading »

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Spotted! Gwen Stefani in Dior Sunglasses

Gwen Stefani’s style is bold and eclectic, and those of us who dare to stand out want to be just like here. From the great designers of our time and high end eyewear such as Dior prescription sunglasses to vintage pieces that just can’t be found elsewhere, Gwen achieves something artistic every time she dresses. We just wonder what she wears on a lazy Sunday morning? Hmm…

Her signature fashion sense is both rated and slated – for being showy, kitschy, audacious and completely unique, she’s either loved or hated for how she presents herself. Just like marmite!

But the one thing she always gets right is her designer sunglasses style. As a lover of Dior and other Continue Reading »

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The Sarkozys Love Dior!

Thinking about getting the hottest Dior prescription glasses this summer? We don’t blame you. French president Nicholas Sarkozy and his supermodel wife, Carla Bruni are big fans of Christian Dior, and they made sure that they looked their absolute finest for their recent visit to the UK.

As the stylish couple arrived in England to meet The Queen, the First Lady of France wowed the royals with her head to toe Dior look. Carla Bruni is an Italian singer/songwriter and former supermodel, and she brings glamour and haute couture to the dry world of politics – so what other Continue Reading »

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