Giorgio Armani releases new lines for 2013

Giorgio Armani has been busy behind the scenes, certainly where glasses and sunglasses are concerned. A recent trade deal has effectively led the way to a “relaunch” of the brand, and with it has come a slew of new lines and models. We thought we’d share just two with you here.

The Frames of Life collection includes both eyeglasses and sunglasses. In the eyeglasses section, the Armani AR7002 features a classic rounded front and unisex frame designs and colours. Choose from streaked grey, aquamarine and pink, or even a tortoiseshell design.

Over in the sunglasses section, the Armani AR6005BZ in the Kaleidoscope collection are particularly striking. They feature an aluminium-coloured aviator sunglass in metal, embellished with handmade leather and silk blinders that are covered by sequins and crystals. How bling is that?

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