Ray Ban Publicity Stunt Hits the Headlines

A clip from YouTube that we’ve already featured on our blog has been making waves not just online but in the press – it features a guy called Matthew having a pair of famous Rayban sunglasses tattooed to his face as his girlfriend watches on wearing an actual pair of the iconic shades.
According to the Daily Mail, the viral video may have been seen by half a million or more, but it could all be a prank. The man ‘making a spectacle of himself’ could in fact be a fake. The clip certainly looks real enough as we watch the tattooist at work with redness and some bleeding around the edges of the tattoo. But apparently the video was just part of a growing portfolio of viral video clips the publicity people at Ray-Ban are becoming somewhat expert at. Marketing pros have congratulated the brand for keeping their pulse on what’s cool with the viral hit. Although some may wonder why the label needs to keep its fingers on the pulse of what’s cool – Rayban is such an iconic, timeless brand it’ll never go out of fashion!

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Cheap Glasses to save the developing world.

An Oxford University Physics professor has designed adjustable glasses that can be used by people in the developing world that can accomodate their prescription needs without having to have individual prescription lenses fitted into their frames.

In the developing world times are hard and we at SpecSuperstore back the Vision Aid Overseas team 100% for their outstanding work that they achieve in Developing countries. Our own optical practices have donated 1000s of pairs of glasses to Vision Aid Overseas and also testing room equipment for the charity.

However Professor Joshua Silver has now developed an adjustable spectacle. It has taken him 20 years to come up with this design which can be made on a large scale very cheaply. This is exteremely good news for people with poor eyesight in developing countries.

The spectacles are adjusted by injecting different quantities of fluid via syringes into the tough plastic lenses. This enables the prescription to be catered for long and short sighted people by altering the distribution of fluid into the lenses.

The Professor is now keen to launch a project of distributing one million pairs within India which will transform the lives of their population.

Good, outstanding work and we hope it is hugely successful.

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Ray Ban Video

We love any funny videos involving glasses. See our video below for a hilarious clip with a guy catching RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses on his face. Unbelievable!

If you have any cool Ray-Ban videos send them to us via our Blog, we’ll be happy to include them.

Guy Catches Glasses With Face

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