Don’t be a Plain Jane – go graphic!

Stripes and designs are in for designer frames in 2013 – go graphic!

Designer frames (or any glasses or sunglasses frames for that matter) don’t have to be plain. In 2012 we saw a whole array of designs and styles emerge, and more are set to continue in 2013. It’s time to bring a little fun and colour to your eyewear!

Floral styles brighten our day

Like the D&G designer sunglasses shown above, floral styles can brighten your day – and add a dash of cheer to those around you! Prada and Gucci joined the flower party in 2012, with the latter bringing out floral styles in their menswear range. D&G brought in 2013 with a flamboyant Sicilian-inspired design for both men and women’s glasses.

Stripes and checks

Chanel gave us checkerboard and Tweed arms (see below). Stripes were everywhere – some more subtle than others. You can get find just about any combination of colour or design if you’re prepared to shop around brands or shapes.

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