Not-so-Baby-Spice anymore – Emma B in Tom Ford sunglasses

She was the pigtailed, sweet-faced youngster of the Spice Girls – but Emma Bunton is all grown up now. Now a TV presenter, Emma is considered a fashion icon by many music fans. Why? Because she still combines “sugar and spice” very well. So on the one hand she looks sweet and innocent wearing a pink dress, and at the same time looks strong and feisty in tight leather jeans. No surprise, then, that FoxyBingo players gave her the most votes for “Celebrity Mom of the Year” because of her beauty, personality, and versatility.

So in this photo she’s doing her thing, wrapped in a smart coat and wearing Tom Ford sunglasses. It’s an assured, confident, grown-up look, and yet Emma Bunton is still, somehow, Baby Spice!

We can’t promise you eternal youth, but a pair of these will make you look cool and confident. Why not browse our extensive range now?

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Miley Cyrus spotted in Tom Ford designer sunglasses

With nice toned abs, Miley Cyrus has been spotted out and about recently. Wearing her now trademark crop top and short blonde hair, as well as a pair of cool Tom Ford sunglasses, Miley’s gearing up to launching her first album in three years.

Expectations for the new album – entitled Bangers – is pretty high. Especially as her first single, We Can’t Stop went viral with over 122 million views on YouTube. No pressure, Miley.

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Paris Hilton wears butterfly frames from Tom Ford

It’s probably a little bit true that oversize butterfly-shaped frames can scream “LOOK AT ME”…! But it’s also true that they do not overwhelm your facial features as you might first fear.

Here’s Paris Hilton, perhaps not at her 100% best, but still managing to look cool and casual in hat and pair of Tom Ford designer sunglasses. Most Tom Ford designer sunglasses have names as well as their brand code. These are the TF0175 and they’re called Nico. If you’re one of those people who chooses a horse to win based on its name alone, then why not jump to Specsuperstore’s Tom Ford collection and find a name of sunglasses you like. They’re all so good-looking, it might be the easiest way to choose…

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