Polarized lens explained

Polarized lenses in designer sunglasses – why they might be better for you…

If you’re looking to buy designer sunglasses, you have probably come across polarized lenses. What are they, and why are they more expensive?

Polarized lenses selectively block out “glare” rather than simply dimming the whole field of vision, which is what convention sunglasses lenses do.

Light has many interesting properties. Polarized lenses take advantage of one of these properties, known as polarization. Normally, a light source produces waves which go in all directions. When light bounces off a reflective surface, like glass, the light waves polarize, along an axis, usually horizontally. A vertical polarizing lens can reduce the brightness of these light waves while still allowing optical information through.

This is why polarized lenses are popular for skiiers, watersports enthusiasts and fishermen, as snow and water reflect light. The lenses diffuse this glare without overly dimming everything else. If you are active outdoors and need good vision without glare, polarized lenses in your designer sunglasses are an ideal option.

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