How to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD)

Measuring your pupillary distance

Asking a friend to help you:

This is the easiest method for measuring you PD. With your friend sitting opposite you at the same height ask them to place a ruler across your forehead just above your eyes with the millimetre side facing upwards.

Next ask your friend to close their right eye and you then look directly into their left eye. Ask your friend to slide the ruler so that the zero value is in the centre of your right pupil and to keep the ruler very steady across your forehead. Then ask your friend to close their left eye and for you to look directly into their right eye.

Your friend will then read off the measurement to the centre of your left pupil. And that’s it! It really is that easy! Please see the diagram below to help you further.

Measuring your PD

Using your current glasses to measure your PD with help from a friend:

Put your glasses on so that they are comfortable and steady. Ask your friend to stand opposite you and mark on your lenses the position of your pupils with a non permanent marker.

You should now see two lines directly infront of you whilst wearing your spectacles. Take off your glasses and measure the distance between the two markings. And that’s it! If the measurement reads 6cm the PD distance will be 60. If the measurement is 6.3cm then your PD will be 63.

For Varifocal Measurement simply measure from your right eye to the middle of your nose and then from the middle of your nose to your left eye to obtain the required individual readings for your right eye and left eye.

PDFDownload our PD Ruler and instructions PDF here to aid with measuring your PD.

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