Ray Ban releases new range of designer “summerglasses”

Now in stock at Specsuperstore are these super-bright, super-cool summer treats from Ray Ban.

The Ray Ban Ice Pop range of designer sunglasses have arrived in stock just at the right time. The weatherman…sorry, the meteorologists…are predicting days of hot, sunny weather ahead. So if you’re in the hunt for new sunglasses, whether prescription or non-prescription, these fun Ray Ban Ice Pop frames could be just for you.

Available in six deliciously fruity colours – Watermelon, Grape, Strawberry, Mint, Blueberry and Citrus – it’s enough to make you salivate just reading the names! They follow the classic Wayfarer shape but the translucent colours give off an interesting glow in natural daylight. We think they’re a great way to show off your fun personality, and there’s no better time do this than during our long summer days.

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