Superfocus glasses will let you see everything (except the future!)

New lenses for viewing near, far, and, well, everything

First, the bad news. These new “superfocus” lenses must be round to work. Which means you can forget cat eyes, square styles or anything else vaguely stylish. The good news is that these lenses are good for close-up, distance, driving, sun protection and everything inbetween. The wearer can change the strength by switching a small lever on the frame. Superfocus lenses have been on the market for a year now but interest has been muted. The flexibility is great, but the style? Ughhh!

Lens technology is moving on

This year, new empower dynamic lenses will focus on objects or areas off in the distance. A small electrical impulse is sent to a certain area of the lens, telling it to change focus. The charge is activated with touch, a tilt of your head or other gesture. There is a small battery as a power supply in the frame.┬áThis brings the high-tech gaming industry’s “augmented reality” to life, and may change the way we actually ‘see’ things.

This won’t cost as much as you think

Yes, it will cost you more than standard lenses. But you would expect that, wouldn’t you? Especially as you are essentially getting several different glasses in one. It’s believed that there are nearly 150 million prescription glasses wearers in the world, and about 50 million of those have more than one pair for different vision needs. So the extra 30 per cent cost of these lenses does not seem that much. Technology is here to stay, and these new developments could change the way we view the world – forever.