Optional Optical Lens Extras

Optional Lens extras

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Scratch Resistant or Hard Coating

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Above is a diagram of lenses without and with a scratch resistant coating

This is a hard resin layer applied to you lenses to help resist scratching of your lenses. At specsuperstore.com we supply all our lenses with a FREE scratch resistant coating.

Anti reflection / MAR coated lenses

This coating eliminates glare from car headlights, computer screens, fluorescent lighting and stops noticeable reflections on your lenses. Please see below how Anti-Glare eliminate car headlights

Without Anti Reflection Lenses :  With Anti Reflection Lenses

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Superantiglare coatings: Crizal Alize Lenses with Scotchgard built in

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For the ultimate in coatings our superantiglare coating contains Scotchgard which repells water, grease, static and fingerprints.

See below for the difference in cleaning lenses with the Scotchgard coating.

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Tints and coloured lenses

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Tints are used for filtering bright light from your eyes. They can be purely cosmetic or can be needed for people that are sensitive to light. They are also used for sunglasses.

Ultraviolet protection / UV coated lenses

UV Coatings filter out harmful rays from the sun that can damage the lens inside your eye.

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Transitions VI and light sensitive lenses

These lenses have a self adjusting tint that can go from a very pale tint in slightly sunny conditions to going to a very dark tint when it is very sunny. These lenses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun and are perfect for all the seasons. Please note that these lenses do not work as well inside a car as they do outside due to car windscreens being laminated. Specific sunglasses will work better inside a car. We only supply original Transitions lenses for all our photochromic lenses and are pleased to announce that all our supplied Transitions lenses will now be Transitions VI – the very latest in photochromic technology. Please click here for a demonstration how Transitions work when viewing through them.For more information on Transitions please visit their international website by clicking here.

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Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses are tinted lenses that cut out horizontal glare produced by the sun. They filter out the unwanted rays and enable viewers to see things a lot crisper in bright sunlight.

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Polarised lenses drastically reduce glare.
High Index / Thin and light Lenses

High index lenses are used to make your lenses lighter and thinner. They are compressed lenses that offer better optical viewing through them. For higher prescriptions they not only reduce the weight by up to 50% but also reduce the thickness by up to 60% making them more attractive cosmetically. High index lenses are usually in the following form: 1.56 index, 1.59 index, 1.61 index, 1.67index and 1.74 index.

The higher the index, the thinner and lighter the lenses.

Safety /Polycarbonate Lenses

These lenses offer very high impact resistance to moving particles and are used in Safety Spectacles. They are usually in the form of 1.59 index Polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are soft and can significantly reduce the risk of eye damage when using machinery.

Occupational Lenses

These are specific lenses designed for a particular use in spectacles.

Swimming Goggles

We are able to offer prescription swimming goggles in a variety of colours, sizes and design. The lenses sometimes do not have your exact prescription in but it will be very close for what you need when swimming.

Diving Masks and prescription Diving masks

We are able to offer diving masks made to your prescription in many different styles, colours and sizes. Some of these goggles can have your exact prescription put in whilst others use standard prescription ranges that will be very close to your prescription.

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