Just as the name suggests, Chanel sunglasses are one of the transcendent fashion elements that can be linked to the world renowned designer Gabrielle Chanel. Chanel is a widely respected fashion design company that boosts a meritorious collection of classy and elegant clothes, handbags and other fashion elements. The founder, Gabrielle Chanel, started the fashion design company in the year 1914. Since then, she continueously came up with a wide range of respected and world famous designs. Due to her excellence in design, her company gradually grew and the designs were sold to classy individuals, celebrities and even royalty. The company was later named 'The House of Chanel' and has continued making fashionable items in accordance to Chanel's excellent taste and designs in fashion. In the year 1999, the company merged with the Italian eyewear manufacturing company called Luxottica. This partnership was meant to introduce another fashion aspect into the Chanel designs line, which were sunglasses.

Since then, the House of Chanel has been making some of the classiest, elegant and famously known designer sunglasses under their label. Sunglasses are some of the most widely worn fashion elements today. Apart from the fact that they are elegant and look good on any individual, sunglasses are helpful in protecting against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The House of Chanel pays a lot of detail to these two factors when making the sunglasses and this arguably makes it the ultimate designer eyewear company.

Sunglasses made by Chanel have everything one would desire in a pair of sunglasses. The elegance of one's glasses is the main factor critically observed when spotted in sunglasses. That is exactly why Chanel's sunglasses are largely preferred by the classy individuals who value elegance and style.

Unlike most, the house of Chanel focuses on designing different styles to suit the varying preferences of their buyers. Each design is creatively composed and consequently a transcendently elegant final product is made. In addition to that, each style is designed while considering the type of sunglasses that would look fashionable to the wearer. A broad range of unique materials are used from acetates, metals, leather, wood, titanium and even pearls to differentiate their brand from the competition.

Their various collections include:

Quilted - One of the trademarks of the Chanel brand is a quilted style that features heavily in the coveted handbag collection. This design has been seen in some of the most popular Chanel Sunglasses range designed with luxurious quilted arms.

White - The white trend went beyond the world of fashion with everything from white cars, watches and phones becoming a celebrity's essential accessory. Some of the most popular brands included the Apple Iphone, the Toy Watch and any exclusive sports car in white. Chanel adopted this trend, creating a range of shiny white sunglasses that were lapped up by the Hollywood elite. Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell all invested in white Chanel Sunglasses.

Two Tone - This recent trend saw Chanel design their coveted round framed with graduated tinted lenses. Retailing at over $1000 it is no surprise these glasses were worn mostly by famous faces. The two tone theme is not exclusive to their eyewear collection. The theme also continues to be seen in their shoe and handbag collections.

Oversized - The most commonly known style. This is one of their styles that have been largely fashionable recently since many celebrities are wearing oversized sunglasses. The style is characterized  by sunglasses that have large lenses that cover from the eyebrows down to the cheeks. Available in solid or graduated tints they also provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays.

Apart from the above, their range continues to expand within the fast paced fashion world. These include their Bouton, Pearle, Chaines, Estampille, Quilted, White, Mirrored and Two Tone collections. Therefore a style for any woman can be found within the Chanel collection.

All our Chanel sunglasses are guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defects and are supplied with full authenticity verification, box, case and cloth. Some of the range can also be fitted with prescription lenses - please see our prescription sunglasses page to configure your desired options.

Should you need any help in deciding or have any prescription enquiries then please contact us on 01745 222345 where our qualified staff will be happy to help you with your purchase.

Please note that Chanel eyewear can only be ordered by telephone.

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